21 – 03- 2021

Already more then a year ago  before we had the ‘’virus’’ here and before the lockdown I met a beautiful birdy friend. In Dutch we say ‘’Roodborst’’. The European Robin. It was already dark for some time. It was crowded and really busy on the streets. Cars driving by quickly. It was singing and singing. I had to stand still. Because something was different in the sound. It felt so urgent. And it brought me back to Alaska, the prophecy  that the American Robin brought to the people. My late grandmother Catherine shared with me that when the song is changing big changes are coming.  And the song has changed. Somehow I felt a connection between these birds. I looked around, it was so crowded and busy that most people could even not hear my little friend. Even if they would want to hear.  I felt that something was coming our way, something urgent, something big. . A wake up call. That what I felt as a little child was coming.  It was all I could understand at that time. I thanked my little friend and took the message deep into my heart and spirit.  I do believe that we are now in the time that many prophecies spoke about.

It brought me back to being this little child, every night praying in my bed.  And crying. Why are we treating the earth like we do, why do we treat the animals like we do, why do we act so mean to each other sometimes? I felt so lost, not understanding our way of living here. Alone and lost. Looking at the stars I felt more home. And when I was connected with mother nature and all my little friends like the animals, the trees and the plants. The moments when I prayed I felt I was here for a reason, that something big was going to happen when I would be older. I always prayed and said ‘’ when it is time I will help saving mother earth’’. That was my child language, but so pure. It is about the energy in the words. Not literally, it is all about energy.

And now we are all in the middle of it, the big change. And our wake up call.

A few weeks ago I was going into mother nature here, to connect. I was singing songs about Alaska and sitting on a bench. And I heard a little birdie singing, I looked next to me on the bench. And there she was. A European robin, our Roodborst. She looked at me and I could feel her so deeply. Mother earth spoke to me. I opened my hands in prayer, my heart opened and lots of energy was flowing through my heart between me and my little friend. Bring the message of love she said, bring the message that we are all one, we are all in this together. Mother earth is calling us to reconnect. We are one family, we all carry the same blood, we even carry the same wounds and we carry the same energy that gives us life.  Be not afraid about what others might think  when you are the real you.  Be you she said, and share this with others. There can be many thruths at the same time, there is not only one truth, to think that creates distance between us. She reminded me about the story with the tree. :

The story with the tree:  ‘’ I was still going to school at that time. I was with a lady friend and a brother that was in our class to. We were walking outside. I saw this tree, my ladyfriend and I saw the faces of the spirit of the tree in there. We shared what we saw and discovered that we saw the same tree faces. Our classmate did not see it, he said’’ I only see the tree’’. And it was all fine, it was all good. We saw tree spirits as faces , he saw the tree. We had a different truth in what we see and how we experience life. We were all true, even when the truth shared something different. And that moment was a  big life lesson to me.’’

My little friend started to hop around me, first she was going moonwise, and then she was going sunwise. She told me about the power of the feminine and masculine energies  in balance. Also balance between our heart and our minds.  In many ceremony we do everything clockwise with the sun. But there is also big power in doing ceremony moonwise.  And she said, Rise up beautiful woman, remember who you are. There is power in balance. Find your balance inside, and share this with others.  Then she was sitting on a branch, I saw her sideways. I talked to her and asked her if I was allowed to make a good picture that I could share on my website together with her message. She responded right away by hopping forward and looking at me. I had tears in my eyes, so much enjoying our connection.

I then decided to go on a walk. And so beautifully my birdie friend was going with me. We had a beautiful walk together. I listened to music from Jon Henrik, there is this one song : Home is my heart, I felt shy at first but  I opened my mouth and was singing very loud, totally letting go if it was good enough, if it was beautiful. Not worrying that other people might hear me, what they would think. I felt so free, singing in the snow. Just enjoying the energy. And then we walked on. And I found a beautiful spot near the water . I was listening to the song of Jon Henrik ‘’Mountain dance’’. And that is what I did, dancing, in the snow. I enjoyed my dance so much, I could not stop dancing. Dancing and singing, there were people watching me, and it was all fine, because I was just being me. I danced, I sang and I prayed together with my little birdie in the snow. She told me to share this with others too. Tell the people to dance again, tell the people to sing, tell them to connect and really enjoy life. The time is now she said.

Before I walked back to my home she reminded me about my experience about our light. And she told me to share it, that it could give so many people hope. Again she told me not to be afraid that others might think I am crazy, she told me to let that go.

The story about the  light: A few years ago I was standing in front of my mirror.  I heard a voice that said, keep looking. And I did. And then my face started to change. I panicked at first, but I heard a voice saying that it would be okey. To keep looking. I saw different layers in my face, I saw a face with fear, a face with pain and being sad, a face with anger. There was a moment that I thought, ‘’so this is what they call a psychoses?’’, but the voice said , keep looking, do not be afraid. More faces came and I felt that these were all layers inside of me not being healed.  The suffering from abuse, sexual trauma, and all other wounds that lots of us carry deep inside .  Then I was looking more and I saw myself changing in 3 women from different cultures .  And then  something else happened, it was like all my skin was cracking and bursting open. I kept on looking, curious about what was going on. And then some parts fell away, and I saw a beautiful light coming through. More and more skin fell away and more and more I saw the light shining. It was stunning. It just hit me so deeply, this is my light. This is what they all talk about , all  messengers. The light that we are. I cannot express with words how beautiful our light is. How beautiful we are. We are inside a body, our sacred temple. We have to take good care of it and treat it with respect. It is a blessing to ourselves if we allow ourselves to heal.  But our body is not who we are.  I talked with my dad about this experience and he said I was blessed by the creator . And my little birdie friend is right, this experience  is good to share. A blessing is always good to share 😊

My dear brothers and sisters, believe in who you are. Heal your wounds, never give up, do not let the dark control you,  believe in your dreams, experience this beautiful path that we call life. There is so much to experience, we are only here for such a short time, live your life to the fullest. We live in a interesting time at the moment. There are many thruths going around, just explore, be authentic, be open. Be true to who you are. Find your soul path. Your soul mission. What is it that you truly believe in, what really makes you happy? Be you, a beautiful light being. I love you all, hugs Teekkona and big, big thanks to our beautiful birdie friend










Jolanda Klaassen 21.03.2021 22:49

Thanks for sharing your amazing stories my darling sister! Your connectedness to nature is the result of your pure heart and soul. Keep on shining!

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22.08 | 15:55

Wat een droom van een verhaal. Of is het wakker worden uit een echte drrom? Het raakte me, en blijf graag op de hoogte. Op naar ons aller happy end

21.03 | 22:49

Thanks for sharing your amazing stories my darling sister! Your connectedness to nature is the result of your pure heart and soul. Keep on shining!

24.02 | 09:12

mooi, maar ja zo ben je heé

14.02 | 23:34

Ik zie dat jullie processen wel heel erg diep gaan....